Videos of children playing around on Orange Line train in Lahore go viral


Screengrabs via The News

LAHORE: Many on the Internet have been left amused at multiple videos showing children playing around on the Orange Line train in Punjab’s capital city, smiling at their innocence and enjoying a moment of light-hearted fun.

The mass-transit project was launched by Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on October 25.

Seen using the buses’ grab bars and handrails to practise their amateur gymnastic skills, the adorable kids are often seen being helped by their parents or a kind commuter in trying to access the hanging straps.

The videos, which attracted the ire of some on social media, mostly garnered a wholesome reaction, with people saying the children’s actions were similar to kids who travelled on the London Underground or New York’s subways.

Others commented on how Pakistan desperately needed recreational facilities for its citizens, who continue to face mounting struggles in their daily lives.

A Chinese foreign ministry had also shared the pictures of the newly-inaugurated Orange Line train in Lahore.

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