The best and worst transfer announcement videos


The transfer window has thrown up some unexpected surprises

Does it feel as if transfer announcement videos are having a bit of a resurgence?

Around 2016-17, you couldn’t move for them. Every club – whether they be European giants or lower-league minnows – appeared desperate to announce a new signing in the most innovative way possible.

Alexis Sanchez seemed to signal the curtain call for the genre when he tinkled the ivories at the start of his ill-fated move to Manchester United.

But, after a spell in the social media wilderness, the transfer announcement video may be back. And we are here for this reboot.

Here are our (unofficial) rankings on some recent entries into the canon…

Who needs a car when you’ve got a horse?

This is how Ricardo Quaresma’s move to Portuguese club Vitoria Guimaraes was heralded in September:

Aside from looking like a big-budget, grandiose affair, this video has layers. Look out for shots of ‘The Marauder’s Map’ – a Hogwarts reference and nod to Harry Potter – one of the winger’s nicknames.

Also note the close-up on the mustang – another of his monikers.

Rating: 7/10

A move that sounds good to Rodriguez

The R-Ever-lution continued this summer with marquee signing James Rodriguez from Real Madrid.

The soundtrack to this epic animation belongs in 24 or Jack Reacher, and the whole thing has raised pulses across the blue half of Merseyside. It’s enough, as the song goes, “to make your heart go woah-oooh-woah-oooh!”

Rating: 9/10

A Monster signing?

Here’s how Serie A club Bologna confirmed the signing of Scottish left-back Aaron Hickey this summer:

It actually starts well – the epic panoramas of the Highlands look to be building towards something exciting.

It’s ultimately quite deflating, though, when that toy Loch Ness Monster appears superimposed over the archive.

Poor Aaron doesn’t exactly look thrilled to be having to collude in this lazy stereotyping either.

Rating: 3/10

Birmingham make a new Friend

When Birmingham signed defender George Friend this summer, this is how they broke the news:

Subliminal. Subtle. One for the heads in the know.

Rating: 6/10

Short presentational grey line

In short, the ‘new normal’ has inspired some creativity among football clubs’ marketing and social departments. We’re down with it.

And this is obviously not an exhaustive list. Shout out to that since-deleted video of the Borussia Dortmund team singing ‘Hey Jude’ at Jude Bellingham.

Also, shout out, just for nostalgia’s sake, to these golden oldies.

Yeovil Town finding their perfect match:

Aston Villa spamming the group chat:

And that time when Roma made this exhibition piece in weirdness:

Long live the transfer window (for another few days at least).

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