Royal family critic devastated after seven family members contract COVID-19


The ‘Good Morning Britain’ host revealed he was a ‘covidiot’ who did not follow lockdown rules

Piers Morgan, one of Meghan Markle’s staunchest critics, says he was devastated after seven of his family members tested positive for COVID-19.

The Good Morning Britain host revealed he was a ‘covidiot’ who did not follow lockdown rules.

“Three good friends of mine lost parents to covid,” Piers revealed. “My colleague Kate Garraway’s husband is in a coma from it.

“My parents just had it. One of my sons just had it. One of my brothers, his wife, & their eldest daughter just had it. My niece just had it.”

Morgan was blasted for stepping out with his wife Celia without a mask.

Writing on Twitter, he shared: “No, The Sun was right. I did breach covid rules for a few seconds by forgetting to put my mask on before I got in the cab.

“Fortunately, I remembered as we pulled away & put it on. Masks help save lives, so it’s very important we all remember to wear them when we should.”

He continued, “I haven’t made an excuse, I just explained what happened. I’m guilty as charged. For a few seconds, I was a Covidiot & I deserve the full wrath of Twitter hell to now descend on me.”

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