Rasode Mein Kaun Tha? The Definitive Answer


Akshay Kumar and Bear Grylls (courtesy akshaykumar)


  • Akshay shared a still from his ‘Into The Wild’ episode
  • He added an ROFL caption to the photo
  • Akshay referred to the viral ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’ video

New Delhi:

Trust Akshay Kumar to crack you up with his sense of humour and in order to do so, he roped in British adventurer Bear Grylls, with whom he features in an episode of Into The Wild. Sharing a still from the much-awaited episode, Akshay Kumar added an ROFL reference to the viral Rasode Mein Kaun Tha video, which continues to be a rage on social media. Akshay apparently has the answer to it and also proof: “Rasode mein Bear tha,” said his post, and as we can see, Akshay was also Bear Grylls’ partner-in-crime. Akshay’s post was accompanied by a guessing game of sorts: “Any guesses on what is he cooking?” We think we may have an idea about what Bear Grylls was making rasode mein – remember elephant poop tea?

But first, take a look at Akshay Kumar’s post here, which cracked up the Internet:

Glimpses of Akshay Kumar and Bear Grylls’ adventures at Mysore’s Bandipur Tiger Reserve were shared by the actor in this super interesting video. Akshay said while he was prepared for “stiff challenges,” he wasn’t ready for the elephant poop tea which Bear Grylls surprised him with. In the teaser, the adventure duo cross rivers with crocodiles in them, cook in the middle of the forest, and much more for an adventure which Akshay Kumar “will remember for the rest of his life” – his words.

Akshay Kumar’s episode of Into The Wild will premiere for Discovery Plus India members on September 11 at 8 pm while it will air on Discovery channel at 8 pm on September 14.

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