Princess Anne breaks royal protocol with shocking comment about Brexit


Princess Anne broke royal code by touching on political matters

Princess Anne broke royal protocol, commenting about Britain’s contentious exit from the European Union.

The royal princess attended the Oxford Farming Conference podcast late last year, wherein she stated how big of an ‘opportunity’ this could be for British landowners.

She broke royal code by touching on political matters, which members of the royal family are prohibited to do. 

She told podcast host Sarah Mukherjee, “Some are much better prepared than others. I have to say there are two major issues – Brexit, and how people cope with that, if anybody has any idea how it’s going to impact them,” she added. “For some it will be an opportunity.”

“And for the others it’s been the impact of the pandemic, which has been a mixed experience but you only have to look at the blockages at the ports to know we need to be more resilient in some of these areas,” Anne further said.

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