Prince Harry ‘ignorant’ over real reason the Queen refused Meghan Markle’s tiara request


Prince Harry ‘ignorant’ over the real reason the Queen refused Meghan Markle’s tiara request

Prince Harry has been dubbed “ignorant” due to his failure in understanding the real reason behind why Queen Elizabeth denied Meghan Markle the use of her emerald tiara.

Royal author and historian Robert Lacey touched on Prince Harry’s iconic “what Meghan wants, Meghan gets” comment in a new book, and according to The Mirror was quoted saying, “Unconfirmed by the palace – but not denied – we were told that the Queen felt that she had to say ‘no’ to Meghan’s first choice, a beautiful emerald headdress that was said ‘to have come from Russia’.”

“This was code for a sensitive origin, meaning that the treasure was one of those that had found its way into Windsor hands through ‘undefined’ not to say dodgy channels – and for an undisclosed price – in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution. There was scandal attached.”

Lacey went on to say, “For this reason, the emerald tiara was seldom, if ever, put on public display and it would suit neither the palace nor Meghan herself that spring if newspapers started speculating about which Tsrist princess had worn the tiara and how she had been assassinated.”

Yet, “Unfortunately, Harry’s ignorance of both history and family tradition meant that he had no understanding of this subtlety” and as a result of it all, “flew into a rage” leaving his grandmother baffled.

Lacey concluded his statement by explaining how Prince Harry’s outburst was “Not for the first time, nor sadly the last.” Ultimately it was simply “the word ‘no’” that “pushed a button inside him and he flew into a rage.”

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