Police nab seven alleged drug dealers in Islamabad


Islamabad police officers pose with suspects accused of selling drugs in the city in the city and in foreign countries. Photo Courtesy: Islamabad Police Twitter account

ISLAMABAD:  Police nabbed seven important drug dealers, who peddled drugs within the country and abroad, and recovered more than 21kg heroin recovered from the accused.

According to Islamabad police, a gang of seven drug peddlers were arrested which also included two foreigners, a man and a woman.

The gang was involved in supplying heroin to foreign countries as well as in Pakistan. Among the suspects, one woman and four men were allegedly selling drugs within the country.

 More than 21 kg of heroin, 50 grams of ice and 81 narcotic pills were recovered allegedly from the possession of the suspects, police added.

Police said that the suspects were also guilty of supplying drugs to students of various educational institutions. 

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