Players need diversity training – Solskjaer


Edinson Cavani came on as a half-time substitute in the 3-2 Premier League victory at Southampton on Sunday, setting up one goal and scoring twice

Players moving to the Premier League from overseas should get training on acceptable language to avoid cultural misunderstandings, says Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

It contained a Spanish phrase that is offensive in some contexts.

“There was no malicious intent at all,” Solskjaer said.

“It was just an affectionate greeting to a friend of his.

“But we explained to him, he’s been asked by the FA to explain, so of course he’ll co-operate with them and we’ll support him.

“I think it is one of those unfortunate situations that he’s just come into the country and in Uruguay it’s been used in a different affection than what we have.”

Cavani sent the message after scoring the injury-time winner in United’s 3-2 Premier League victory at Southampton.

He has apologised and said “it was intended as an affectionate greeting to a friend, thanking him for his congratulations after the game”.

As of this season, Football Association rules state that any player found guilty of an offence of discrimination will face a minimum three-match suspension.

Asked if the incident showed a need for greater education and referencing former United captain Gary Neville’s calls for compulsory diversity training, Solskjaer said: “I think so.

“I saw Gary said something on maybe all the players coming from different cultures should be educated and I’m sure Edinson has learned the hard way.”

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