Perspective | Hints From Heloise: Helping grandkids stay safe


The grandma or grandpa would then help the child reunite with me.

— Grandma Nancy in Pennsylvania

Grandma Nancy in California: Also teach the grands to look for a police officer. Other hints? The kids should know their full names, and have an ID bracelet or some identification sewn into their clothes, with a phone number.

Dear Readers:To unsubscribe from commercial emails, you have some options. You can call the company, email them or you can click on “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email.

If emails don’t stop (legitimate retailers will honor your request quickly; give it 48 to 72 hours), you might need to block that email address. Depending on your email provider, there are different methods to do this.

Dear Readers: Here are some hints on taking great “selfie” photos:

● Show yourself in the best light. Under the sun is good, or if inside, by a window.

● Try to relax and look natural. “Fish lips” is not a good look. Give an easy smile. Usually chin down and camera up is flattering.

● Make sure your background doesn’t reveal anything it shouldn’t. Plain backgrounds indoors are best, or if you’re doing the tourist thing, have something interesting in the background.

Dear Heloise: I write the WiFi password on a chalkboard in each guest room when I have visitors so they will always know how to get online.

Dear Heloise: We made this rule in our family as my mother downsized and got older: Any gift must be something you can eat up, drink up or use up. No more stuff!

Dear Heloise: A design mistake some people make: hanging pictures too high on the wall. I make sure I can see the pictures when I am sitting down; they must be somewhat at eye level.

Another trick to hang a picture: I take a piece of blue painter’s tape and put it over the holes in the back of the picture. Then it’s a simple matter of removing the tape, finding the spot to hang it, and, with the masking tape turned around and lightly sticking to the wall, marking where the hooks or nails should go.

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