Meghan Markle swoons over Prince Harry’s accent as they drop podcast teaser


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are delving into a whole new sphere following their exit from the British royal family.

With their Spotify podcasts—titled Archewell Audio—soon to be launched, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex adorably teased their new venture through a new audio clip.

The clip shows the former actor flirting with her husband and teasing him about his ‘podcast voice’ and British accent.

Harry begins, saying: “Should we start? Ladies first.”

Meghan, however, encourages him to go first, claiming Archewell Audio “sounds really nice with your accent.”

For the unversed, Prince Harry and Meghan have signed a new deal with Spotify to start a podcast series.

In the short audio clip, Meghan says: “We’re talking to some amazing people. They’re going to share their memories that really shape this past year, which has been, as we know, a difficult one for everyone.”

Harry joined in, saying: “So many people have been through so much pain this year, experiencing loss, a huge amount of uncertainty — but it feels worth acknowledging that 2020 has connected us in ways we have never imagined through endless acts of compassion and kindness.”

He also encouraged the listeners to follow them right away to stay up-to-date with their content. “Here’s what you need to do: tap follow right now. Go ahead, go on — tap follow — and that way you won’t miss out,” he said. 

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