Kourtney Kardashian unfazed by Scott Disick’s new flame Amelia Hamlin


Scott Disick’s new darling Amelia Hamlin does not bother Kourtney Kardashian at all

Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick seems to be grabbing all the headlines with his PDA-filled intense outings with new flame Amelia Hamlin. 

According to sources, Scott’s new darling does not bother Kourtney at all and she fully supports him in his romantic advances towards Hamlin.

 “Kourtney doesn’t care who Scott dates as long as it keeps him happy and busy,” an insider told E! News.

Scott is “at his best,” the source adds, when he’s “able to find a balance between dating and family time.”

The tipster also added that Kourtney does not mind Scott hanging out with his 19-year-old girlfriend because she has reached a healthy co-parenting relationship with him. 

“He’s in a good place with Kourtney and has been a great dad to the kids,” the insider explained. “That’s when Kourtney is happiest.” 

“They definitely have had their ups and downs over the last decade, but are now closer than ever,” the source remarked. “They call each other ‘best friends.’ They have truly figured out a way to co-parent that is best for them and have a good routine going.”

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