Kate Middleton’s spelling hiccup proves she too is human like us


Kate Middleton has appeared her best during public appearances, but her recent slip-up proves that she is just as human as we are. 

The Duchess of Cambridge wrote a thoughtful message on a white information board to show her gratitude, to those on the front line amid the Covid-19 pandemic, but it seems that she made a typo when writing the message.

She had mistakenly misspelled the word “country”, forgetting to add a letter.

The mistake could be a simple misunderstanding due to Kate’s handwriting rather than it being an actual error.

However, a few Twitter users were quick to point out at the hiccup after pictures were shared on social media by Kensington Palace.

One Twitter wrote: “Lovely gesture by them both. Missed out the N in country though! …Still, very sweet and thoughtful to all these workers. Merry Christmas to you all.” 

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