Jennifer Aniston once shocked fans with her male transformation


Jennifer Aniston, who has become a household name after  playing Rachel Green in ‘Friends’, left fans scratching their heads  when she   joined the viral gender face swap challenge  during lockdown.

The Morning Show star’s fans went crazy  after seeing new look of their beloved actress who had turned into male alter-ego Richard Green during a challenge. 

Aniston, who’s  loved for her gorgeous personality,  sent her fans  wild when she took on the challenge of a bizarre makeover.  She was looking almost unrecognizable in the photo that went viral.

A fashion magazine  shared the results of Aniston’s face swap challenge , looking  stunning even in her male transformation.  The magazine reported that   several celebrities did the same including Ellie Goulding, Miley Cyrus, and more.

The Brad Pitt’s wife  partook in the viral gender face swap challenge during the lockdown and stunned everyone with her  incredible look.

Jennifer Aniston, who shot to fame  after her character Rachel Green from the hit sitcom – received massive comments as the  face swap challenge kept everyone entertained during the lockdown.

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