Harvey Weinstein slapped with another sexual assault lawsuit


A woman has stepped forth to claim Harvey Weinstein had sexually assaulted her at film festivals 

Infamous Hollywood bigwig Harvey Weinstein following his conviction of numerous sex crimes is now hit with another sexual assault lawsuit.

A woman has stepped forth to claim the disgraced producer had sexually assaulted her at film festivals in Canada and France.

The accuser filed the Manhattan federal lawsuit under the pseudonym of Jane Doe and claimed Weinstein had approached her when she was 22 at the Cannes Film Festival back in 2007.

She detailed how the infamous tycoon had set up a meeting with her at his Majestic Hotel suite to discuss her career with his assistant.

The suit further reveals that while the meeting initially began as a discussion on her career with all three of them present, Weinstein’s assistant soon left the room after which the producer began to sexually assault her.

The suit claims: “Weinstein … clutched Plaintiff and tried to force her into massaging him. When Plaintiff refused to massage him, Weinstein continued to grope Plaintiff and tried to take off her clothes.”

It was further stated that the Plaintiff escaped the room before he could rape her but on later occasions, agreed to meet him twice during the festival.

During their third meeting, the suit claims she was raped by Weinstein following a soiree that included the likes of a number Hollywood stars.

“After Plaintiff and Weinstein met with various people in their hotel suites, Weinstein brought Plaintiff back to his hotel suite. Weinstein then used his considerable size and strength advantage to pin Plaintiff down and rape her,” says the suite.

She alleges that Weinstein raped her numerous other times as well over the course of nine years including once in 2014 at the Toronto Film Festival.

Upon her refusal to meet him for ‘being in a relationship,’ Weinstein assured that he ‘wouldn’t do anything’ after which she agreed to the meeting.

Jane Doe is in pursuit of a jury trial with damages not specified. 

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