‘Grieving for the child you can’t have’


A campaigner for NHS-funded IVF has said she “reached crisis point” after discovering she was infertile.

Amber Izzo, 26, and husband Marco, from Peterborough, have been trying for a baby for about six years and have had two unsuccessful cycles of IVF.

She has shared her journey on Instagram and YouTube, gaining more than 5,000 followers and subscribers.

They had to pay for the treatment, which is not currently offered by the NHS in Cambridgeshire, Mid Essex or Basildon and Brentwood, and she has started a petition to change it.

She said: “After I was diagnosed as being infertile, I reached a crisis point and really was not in a very good mental state at all. You’re almost grieving for the child that you can’t have.”

A Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group spokeswoman said: “Couples can still be referred to hospital for further tests to investigate the cause of their infertility, and many of these causes can be successfully treated without the need to go on to have IVF.”

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