Govt raises petrol prices for rest of December


Petrol is seen flowing at a fuelling station. — Reuters/Bernadett Szabo/File

The government has raised the prices of petroleum products by a significant margin for the rest of December, a notification issued on Tuesday showed.

According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Finance,  from December 16 onwards, petrol will cost Rs3 more per litre.

A similar increase has been put into effect for the price of diesel, which will also be priced Rs3 higher.

In addition, kerosene oil and light diesel oil have also become more expensive, costing Rs5 more each.

Product Existing price (in Rs) New price (in Rs w.e.f from Dec 16, 2020)
Petrol 100.69 103.69
High-Speed Diesel 105.43 108.44
Kerosene Oil 65.29 70.29
Light Diesel Oil 65.86 67.86

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