Everything You Wanted To Know About Alaya Furniturewalla In This Super Fun Video


Alaya in a still from her Instagram video (courtesy alaya.f)


  • Alaya shared a make-up tutorial on Instagram
  • “I decided to answer some questions while doing it,” she wrote
  • Alaya plays ‘This Or That’ while doing her make-up

New Delhi:

Alaya Furniturewalla is good at everything, no really! The 22-year-old actress often makes delightful appearances with refreshingly fresh Instagram posts and she did something similar on Thursday. Alaya Instagrammed a make-up tutorial of her easy breezy everyday look while playing ‘This Or That’ at the same time. How cool is that? “My everyday look has been a very highly requested video so I decided to do it but since it’s so simple, I decided to answer some questions while doing it! Enjoy!” she captioned her video. All you’ll need to follow Alaya’s make-up tutorial is some moisturiser, a good concealer, some blush, little lip balm and mascara. Voila, and you are done in minutes!

In the video, Alaya makes several revelations about her happy-go-lucky self. Did you know she is a dog person and loves ice cream and will always pick a beach vacation over a trip to the hills? The only time Alaya paused before answering is when she was asked to pick between pancakes and French toast. Alaya is also someone who is trying to balance her finances currently: “I try to be a saver but I am a spender but I’m trying to be a saver and I’m becoming better”. “I’m big city girl,” she also declared and added she’s an extrovert.

Watch this super fun video of Alaya Furniturewalla here:

Alaya Furniturewalla’s Instagram feed is a reflection of her happy-go-luck persona and here are some of her super cool videos about yoga, push-up challenges, DIY facemasks, creating art and more.

Alaya is the daughter of Pooja Bedi and her ex-husband Farhan Furniturewalla. Alaya made her Bollywood debut this year with Jawaani Jaaneman, in which she co-starred with Saif Ali Khan and Tabu.

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