Demi Lovato hints at the harshest chapter of her life following breakup


Demi Lovato hints towards the harshest chapter ‘of my life’ following breakup

With Max Ehrich’s chapter now closed behind her, Demi Lovato is facing a rather tumultuous conundrum when trying to move forward in life.

Recently, Lovato told fans, “This has already been the longest October of my life.”

This update comes shortly after Ehrich went on his own bashing spree and accused Demi of orchestrating “a calculated publicity stunt” to squander his name and reputation.

The claim was made through the actor’s Instagram where he accused Lovato of making him run through hoops.

He explained, “It’s just the craziest thing. This is the most bizarre experience that I hope no one ever has to experience, ever. Because no person deserves to feel this way. It’s a calculated PR stunt.”

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