Caroline Flack committed suicide out of fear that her trial would go public


Caroline Flack committed suicide after she learned that her trial was to go public and would incur ‘certain’ backlash by the public.

The English television and radio presenter hit mainstream news back in December of 2019 after Burton made a phone call to emergency services about attempted murder.

Burton, a model and tennis player was bleeding profusely by the time the emergency response team arrived. Reportedly the bleeding occurred because Flack had struck him over the back of his head with a phone, for cheating on her with other women.

However, by February 15, 2020, only a day after hearing that the Crown Prosecution Service would conduct her trial in a public court, Flack died by suicide and was found dead in her North East London home.

The coroner spoke to The Guardian and confirmed the news during an interview, saying, “In Caroline’s case I am entirely satisfied she intended to cause her own death.”

There’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever about that, and therefore the conclusion for me to return is one of suicide. All the evidence points in the same direction, which is that Caroline had fluctuating mental health, she had had troubles in the past, she had had difficulties.”

He went on to say, “In spite of the fact she may have led to somewhat seemed like a charmed life, but actually the more famous she got the more some of these difficulties increased because she had to cope with the media in the way some of us don’t.”

The coroner concluded his statement by saying, “And although her general fluctuating state was in the background and was obviously very important in her death, what I find in the reason for her taking her life in the way she did was she knew she would be prosecuted for certain and she knew she would face the media, the press, the publicity, and to me, that’s it in essence.”

This was not Flack’s first suicide attempt either, her sister spoke out on the event of her death and claimed that she found her sister before she succeeded in taking her life back in December, even before she pled ‘not guilty’ to the crime. 

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