Cardi B bashes ‘BLACKPINK’ fans over blatant disrespect


Cardi B bashes ‘BLACKPINK’ fans over blatant disrespect: ‘I won’t let you lil kids play with me’

Cardi B recently released a collection of tweets that called out disrespectful BLACKPINK fans for allegedly bashing her on having an unprofessional work ethic.

Despite the hate, the controversy is such which continues to baffle even die-hard fans of the K-Pop group. While the initial cause of this slam fest is still unknown to many, others continue to wonder why the rapper refuses to promote her BLACKPINK collab further and fume as a result.

No soon after the hate began, however, did Cardi B decide to fight back and effectively lay all naysays to rest. In her barrage of now-deleted tweets, the rapper first began by calling out ‘these lil kids’ and claimed, “BARDIGANG what these lil kids talkin about cause I won’t do my job.”

Later on the rapper took a more direct approach and admitted, “I really love the girls but I won’t let you lil kids play with me.I already got payed to do what I had to and I won’t do nomore .”

Despite Cardi’s vocal disapproval, she made the BLACKPINK community even more livid in her follow up tweet where she promoted her pervious hit song WAP next to a post about Bet You Wanna.   The now deleted tweet read, “Anyways stream ‘WAP'”

The second time around Cardi vocally addressed the hate was when a BLACKPINK stan asked the rapper if she was ‘mental’. Cardi simply replied to it all by pointing out, “I’m not mental I’m just not going to let lil kids disrespect me.Yall make relationships with artist be very weird cause of the weird hate ya be throwing and ya was doing that b4 the song came out .I already got pay and I don’t ask to be on songs I GET ASKED!”

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