BTS announces plans to release English track in upcoming album ‘BE’


BTS announces plans to release all English track in upcoming album ‘BE’

BTS has had a rather successful 2020. Despite a global pandemic and being home bound from their tour, the group reportedly became billionaires and even got a large amount of international traction with their song Dynamite

With all that in mind a number of reports have been circulating across the music industry and many of them suggest the possibility of another all English track.

The new album gearing up for its November release is BE and ever since the news was officially announced, the group began dropping hints for their fans, keeping them on the edges of their seats.

Despite the secretiveness around the track list, BTS’s Yoongi sat for an interview and spilled the beans regarding a possible all-English track.

Without confirming nor denying the news, Yoongi claimed that its only possible if the entire group sees a “good enough reason.”

During the course of the conversation the BTS member went on to note that Dynamite was rather special case and was also quoted telling Variety, “You can’t predict what will happen and the things we do. We can’t say for certain what we’ll do in the future. Things change, circumstances change.”

“We translated the lyrics into Korean and read them very carefully. We thought about what they meant in Korean as we recorded them into English.” The singer also went on to admit, “It required a lot of work, especially on the pronunciation, and a lot of practice.”

Before concluding Yoongi also touched upon the group’s growing global reputation and even admitted it to being an ‘organic’ birth. “I think it sort of happened organically; this connection happened on its own. Can other groups or people enjoy the same kind of success? I’m sure it’s possible.”

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