Bella Hadid motivates US voters in style: ‘I Voted Early’


Supermodel Bella Hadid,  gave Americans new hope with her stunning move as she stepped out of her NYC apartment to hit the polls on Friday. 

The gorgeous model cut a casual figure as she exercised her right to vote, flashing her ‘I Voted Early’ sticker to motivate  the citizens  ahead of US election.

She rocked pigtails and an all black outfit as Gigi’s sister was spotted in NYC with patriotic pride, flashing an ‘I Voted Early’ sticker on her jeans.

Bella Hadid – who’s been outspoken about US election – practiced what she advised, making sure to get in her vote before the early voting period ends on Sunday, November 1, 2020 in NYC.

Bella chose a playful hairstyle for the event. She also  wore earrings and a pair of stylish small framed sunglasses.

Posting the snap to her Instagram story she wrote, ‘The JOY that this just brought me.’

Earlier this week, Bella Hadid’s sister Gigi also urged Americans to  vote as she posed in a ‘Vote’ shirt. 

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