Ariana Grande is fascinated by space and astronomy


Ariana Grande was among more than 1.4 million people who liked NASA’s post about Jupiter.

NASA’s official Instagram page on Wednesday shared new observations about the inner workings of the planet.

The post shared by the space agency read, “Looking for a spark in your life? ⁣

⁣New results from our Juno mission suggest the planet is home to “shallow lightning.” An unexpected form of electrical discharge, shallow lightning comes from a unique ammonia-water solution. ⁣

⁣It was previously thought that lightning on Jupiter was similar to Earth, forming only in thunderstorms where water exists in all its phases – ice, liquid, and gas. But flashes observed at altitudes too cold for pure liquid water to exist told a different story. This illustration uses data obtained by the mission to show what these high-altitude electrical storms look like. ⁣

⁣Understanding the inner workings of Jupiter allows us to develop theories about atmospheres on other planets and exoplanets! “⁣ 

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